Deck the halls — the Hallmark countdown to Christmas is right around the corner

Forget decking the halls and trimming the tree and eating the roast beast and family and friends and hot cocoa — everyone knows the best thing about Christmas is the Hallmark Channel. The holiday season simply is not complete without cozying up on the couch and flipping to the channel that provides all the cheesy, rom-commy holiday cheer we need to make our hearts grow the requisite three sizes.

And for those of us (cough, me) who already believe ’tis the season despite the weather insisting it’s still basically summer, I come with great tidings: Hallmark just released its entire holiday movie and TV schedule for 2019.

Yep, that’s right. That means we know exactly what to look forward to this season, and, more importantly, the exact date that Christmas season will begin. The first day that we can pour ourselves a big ol’ mug of cocoa and peppermint schnapps and settle in for some cheesy Christmas goodness will be… drumroll please… Oct. 26. Yes. One day earlier than last year. Before Halloween. Thankfully, they released a video this week full of previews for the upcoming season, so grab that cocoa (still 85 degrees outside, but who cares?) and get cuddly.

What u think about this list? And tell us your favorite Christmas Movie!!!

Christmas is Coming!!!
100 days left…


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