Check Yourself! 😛

1. Christmas Music Is Not A Seasonal Treat, But A Way Of Life
You don’t just wait until the stations start playing Christmas songs, no. Of course not. You have your favorites. Your go-to Christmas jams, if you will — and you start playing them months before December. Because they are cheerful. And happy. And filled with references to reindeer. How can you say no to that? Exactly.

2. Elf In General
As much as we all love to love the older Christmas classics, Elf has already become the favorite film of Christmas lovers. It’s charming and hilarious, and it’s fun no matter what age you are. Also, it’s just fun to say “You sit on a throne of lies!” to people around the holidays if you’re feeling uncharacteristically Grinch-y.

3. Going To Target Takes On A Whole New Meaning
This one needs no explanation. During any other season, Target is a goldmine (we all know what it’s like to shop there), but during the holidays — it’s simply heaven. Affordable decorations and candy and baking supplies and Christmas-themed clothing and stockings. They have everything, and it’s wonderful.

4. Everything Becomes A Christmas Event
You don’t just bake Christmas cookies. No. You bake Christmas cookies while drinking spiced apple cider, while watching Home Alone, while wearing Christmas-themed socks, while putting together Christmas gift bags for strangers at work. Everything becomes a chance to be Christmas-fied. Everything.

5. You Make Your Gift Lists In August
Not only do you know what you want to receive by sometime in August, you’ve already planned what you’re going to get everyone else in your circle of friends and family. You know the price range, you know the gifts, you know the packaging. The card. The personal details that no one else would think of. You’ve planned it all.

6. ABC Family’s 25 Days Of Christmas Is On 24/7
No Christmas is complete without a steady stream of Christmas romantic comedies featuring actors that we all vaguely remember from some other romantic comedy.

7. Two Words: Christmas Pajamas
If you do not like/own/frequently shop year-round for Christmas pajamas and/or Christmas socks, then you, my friend, are not truly Christmas-obsessed. And your loss, too, because something about throwing a snowman design on clothing just really ups the comfort level.

8. You Were Extremely Upset When Your Parents Finally Just Got A Fake Tree
Yes, you get that it’s super inconvenient to lug a giant, sappy tree on top of a car and in and out of a house and then dispose of it. But, for the love of all that is good, it SMELLS magical. It’s ALIVE. It’s CHRISTMAS. “How could they?” you ask yourself every season your parents pull out the fake tree. You place each ornament on the tree with disgust. They have failed at Christmas, you think. Failed. Then you just eat cookies continuously for a while, and you get over it. But each year when they pull it out of the attic, something still feels a little wrong.

9. You Bake All. The. Time.
Cookies. And scones. And pastries. And cakes. And cupcakes. And more cupcakes. And more cookies. ALL with Christmas-themed sprinkles and/or frosting and/or shapes.

10. No Matter What The Temperature, The Fireplace Is On
It doesn’t matter if the house itself is burning to the ground — that fireplace will be on. No matter what. It is a Christmas staple, right up there with cookies and overspending on gifts.

11. No Fireplace? Insert Extreme Envy
No fireplace? Well then you secretly hate everyone with a fireplace, because if ANYONE should have a fireplace during the holidays, it’s you. You wait all year for the most magical time of the year, only to be disappointed by a lack of a wood-crackling fire to warm you as you write Christmas cards and sing along to Michael Buble’s Christmas album. You will angrily scroll through pictures of perfect winter cabins on Pinterest while you gnaw on dozens of candy canes.

12. You’ve Already Watched The Family Stone And Violently Wept At Least Three Times As Of Early November
For being a relatively new-to-the-scene Christmas movie, The Family Stone never fails to disappoint. It’s a little weird, and incredibly, heart-wrenchingly depressing at times, but it’s wonderful and Christmas-y, and makes you appreciate your own dysfunctional family. You’ve already watched it a handful of times once Christmas comes around, anyway, so you get all the holiday sorrow out of the way early.

13. Hearing “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire…” Is A Religious Experience
You know that first time of the season when you hear “The Christmas Song” come on over the speakers as you buy gingerbread house material in bulk? It’s magical. It changes you. Instantly, you are happier than you have been in years — or, well, at least since last Christmas.


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