Christmas is hands down the best time of the year, period. But, sadly, it only comes once a year and goes away soooo fast! It is not fair!!! You try to be your best self all year so that Santa appreciates you but Christmas just comes and disappears in the blink of an eye and then you gotta start from scratch. As much as we love Christmas and wish that it was Christmas every day, it ain’t happening. You can take your decorations off, it is March already. All you can do is sit and wait, maybe watch some Christmas movies to pass your time and make yourself feel better.

“Watch Christmas movies? At this time of the year?” Yes, Susan. It is never too early to talk about Christmas and there is no set time period when people should watch Christmas movies or not. Many Christmas enthusiasts not only keep their Christmas decor for long they also watch Christmas movies throughout the year and wish that it was Christmas every day. No, there is nothing wrong with them, if anything, thinking about the day you love the most only has positive effects on their bodies. “What?” Yes. People who wait for Christmas all year long are healthier and smarter than the ones who don’t. Here’s how:

1. It makes you feel better

2. It relieves stress

3. It gives you hope

4. Watching Christmas movies together helps you bond

5. Remembering good times keeps you going

What you think about this?


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