1. Santa Claus has a second home
The jolly soul tells Eyewitness News he considers Houston, of all the cities in the world, as his home away from home.

When you think about it, being a world-class city with so many diverse people and communities, it makes sense that Santa would want to surround himself with people just like you!

2. Santa drinks Starbucks, too!
If you’re a fan of ordering coffee or tea in cups sized short, tall, grande, Venti and Trenta, you’re in good company.

Foti even got the scoop on his favorite order, eavesdropping on Santa as he spoke with a local barista: “Hot chocolate, extra whipped cream, not too hot, not too cold.”

3. Adults turn to absolute mush around him
For younger friends out there who may get a little shy around Santa, don’t feel bad: adults do it, too.

Right outside the Starbucks we visited with Santa, we met a group of adults who didn’t think twice about singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. (They’re clearly on the nice list!)

4. Santa’s costume is custom made
Fashioned with real wool and featuring a trim made of real white arctic fox, Santa says his suit costs about $6,000 to make.

The suit keeps him warm and comfortable as he travels around the globe on Christmas Eve.

Santa says, “It’s one of the prettiest suits I’ve had in all my life.”

5. Santa also loves blue jeans, too
What does the big guy wear when he isn’t busy delivering toys?

From shorts to blue jeans, and plenty of suspenders, Santa says he wears regular clothes. But, the famous white beard is a dead giveaway when he tries to sneak out in public.

“It doesn’t matter…they know me as soon as they see me,” Santa said.

6. Santa doesn’t just deliver toys on Christmas Eve
The festive fellow that everyone loves has an important job this time of year, but it’s not the only time he works.

When he’s not busy overseeing the elves making toys, Santa also finds way to help communities in need.

In fact, this last summer, he visited a southeast Texas town devastated by flooding.

The Toys for Tots in this town lost all their toys for this holiday season, so Santa brought thousands of toys from the North Pole to make sure they were ready to help those children in need.


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